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A little about what I do....

So why do I do this? Because it’s FUN and I thrive on the creativity of this kind of work. I’m a professional in all I do. So adding the playfulness of bringing words on a page to life; giving them an energy and character of their own, while delivering my clients message, is the most interesting and joyful job I can imagine.

As a Dublin gal now living in Seattle, I have a slight accent and really clear articulation. My voice is at the lower end of the vocal register giving my reads a warm,  sophisticated and believable quality.
My business background allows me to bring my experience in customer satisfaction, sales, marketing and writing to the world of voice over; helping me stand in my clients shoes and deliver on point messaging.

I love the spontaneity of Improv, so much so that I became a student of it a couple of years ago. As I continue to study this form of comedic live theatre. It has dramatically increased my ability to listen and collaborate in a very immediate way. Adding another layer of skill sets to my voice work.

The Technical Stuff

I have quick turnaround on all jobs. Can connect using ipDTL, Source Connect, Zoom or Skype for directed sessions from my in home studio. 

I specialize in eLearning, Corporate Narration, Explainers and Telephony.

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